Meet the Legends – Cal Kennedy

#T33 Cal Kennedy
Cal is a regular member of the Thursday morning coffee clutch that seems to be a core of DTA members. He drives from west Denver to east Aurora to bring his long time friend Bud Irons to breakfast, they are quite the pair. Cal and his friend Don Scroggs met at the telephone company where they worked, they bonded over the Chevy bowtie. They went on through the early 50’s racing a six cylinder Chevy. The car started as a 1936 Chevy pickup and later got a 1934 Chevy roadster body. This was there entry for the Hill Climbs both years. In 1954 they had a super rare Wayne 12-port Chevy motor in the car, Vern Holmes said, “you could hear that thing coming from Denver”, describing the car at the 1954 event.

Cal attended the Historic 60th Anniversary event with his smooth black 1934 Chevrolet Roadster on 15” red wire wheels.


Wayne Chevrolet

Cal Kennedy and Don Scroggs

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