Hot Rod Hill Climb 2020

July 24, 2020

Looks like we need to give the ole’ girl a rest, Hot Rod Hill Climb gets a year off. We’ve done everything we reasonably can, 2020 Hot Rod Hill Climb just isn’t going to get on her wheels this year.

With the support of Central City we have asked for the county’s support to issue a variance request from the state to have more then 500 people. County Commissioners believe all variances to allow more people into the community is not in the best interest of residents right now. On top of that our Governor has said his office will not review variance requests for at least 2 weeks. We are going to respect the decisions made by those who look after the community.

The community and patrons who support the Hot Rod Hill Climb have been calling, messaging, and emailing to support us. We appreciate you. We appreciate your passion for what we do. I have a feeling a year off is going to be just what our crew needs to come back strong.

Thank you to our patrons, our sponsors, Central City, Gilpin County and all our supporters. Be well and be kind to your neighbor.

God Bless the United States,

– Nick

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