Truck and Trailer Parking in Central City

We have parking for your RIG

Four Options:


If you are in one of the BIG HOTELS, check with them for parking of your 16′-22′ trailer in their garages.

Heli Pad lot west of the KOA

Free parking for Truck/Trailers less than 40’
435 Powder Run Drive, Central City, CO 80427

KOA Parking

Free trailer parking out front  for guests,
Non-KOA Guests MUST check in at desk for availability.
605 Lake Gulch Rd Co Rd 6, Central City, CO 80427 (303)582-3043

Gold Mountain Village Apartments

The apartments were kind enough to offer FREE parking for trucks and trailer on the one side only. HRHC Parking will be marked.
440 Powder Run Dr Central City CO 80427

Central City is an old town, with small streets it will not handle 100+ trucks and trailers, you will get stuck in downtown Central City. Park the rig and unload before you come to town!

Please google the addresses, lots will be marked. Park smart so we can maximize the lot.